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HTML5 for Enterprise Mobility - Week of October 17, 2011

HTML5 for Enterprise Mobility is a new article series that I am adding to our regular production based on the number of developments and activities I am reading about each week, and the value I see for the enterprise.  I hope you find this useful.

New Website for HTML5 Developers

A new website, “HTML5 Developers” was launched this month.  The goal of the new website is to provide information about HTML5 applications, specifications, and development, and to provide a platform for questions and answers regarding HTML5-related topics.  According to the press release, the developers’ website at this time “ a framework and is in desperate need of actual members to help turn the site into a beneficial resource.  As with Wikipedia and many other informational resources, the site is largely dependent on community support and the desire to participate in open dialogue.” 

More from the website,  “The purpose of this network is to provide a platform for discussing issues that are relevant to HTML5.  Although the idea is to have industry professionals converse with one another, we will also allow novice website developers and technology enthusiasts to join as members.”

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HTML5 Projects on the Rise

According to TechCrunch, a report is expected to be released today (October 17) listing the 50 fastest growing outsourcing jobs for the third-quarter 2011.  One of the findings in the report is that HTML5 projects are up 38 percent (From second-quarter 2011 to third-quarter 2011).  That is a huge jump and reflects a trend toward the adoption of HTML5 applications.  On another note, in the same report, Flash jobs are down 10 percent.
More from the article, " this rate, HTML5 will overtake Flash projects in 6 months.  Adobe is planning for a post-Flash future, with the company recently launched Edge, which enables professionals to design animated web content using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, rather than Flash.”
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appMobi Releases Free PhoneGap XDK

appMobi announced that its new PhoneGap Mobile App XDK is immediately available for free download.  PhoneGap XDK offers a suite of desktop development tools for creating mobile, HTML5 and PhoneGap based apps.  It includes desktop debugging of mobile apps, emulation of mobile devices, hardware emulation of GPS, camera, contacts, and accelerometer inputs and remote testing options.  PhoneGap XDK integrates with Adobe DreamWeaver 5.5, NotePad++, and other programming editor tools.     

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Google Maps GL and HTML5

Durring a keynote presentation last week at  Web 2.0 expo, Brian McClendon, engineering director for Google’s geospacial products, gave a glimpse into the future of Google Maps using HTML5.

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