Thursday, February 03, 2011

Chetan Sharma's The Promise of Mobile Advertising

Chetan Sharma
I have been following with interest analyst Chetan Sharma and his work in the mobile and voice communication industry sectors for some time now.  He produces very good industry reports, and he participates in many industry conferences.  His website is

Mr. Sharma has just completed a new report, The Promise of Mobile Advertising.  Here is an excerpt that I found of particular interest, "Mobile is having a significant impact on local advertising. The attributes of immediacy, location, always-on connectivity, user profile and segmentation, and the viral nature of the medium make mobile the best channel for local advertisers to engage potential customers."

Executive Summary

The world of advertising is changing at a dizzying pace.  New media are transforming advertising, and consumer expectations have changed accordingly.  In this dynamic environment, no communications platform holds more promise than the mobile device.

Mobile platforms present a unique opportunity to reinvent advertising.  With mobile, the perception of advertising will shift from interruptive broadcast messages to targeted information services of real value to consumers and positive interactions that have an immediate top line impact.

Advertisers care about two basic metrics – reach and purity.  They want to communicate with as many people as possible (reach) and they want to reach the most accurately targeted audience possible (purity). In the past, advertisers have tried to compensate for a lack of purity by casting a wider net, spending inefficiently and often failing to reach their target audience.

With mobile, advertisers can deliver the right information to the right target at the most opportune time; delight the consumer with instant gratification; complete transactions and measure direct correlations between advertising, transactions, and return on advertising (ROA). With the power of real time metrics in hand, advertisers can scientifically design, measure, and alter their campaigns and deploy strategies for one-to-one relationship building with customers.

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