Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MeLLmo the Maker of the RoamBI Mobile Application Closes More Funding

MeLLmo, the SAP ecosystem mobile application's company that specializes in visualization software for displaying business intelligence on mobile devices, has closed its third and biggest round of funding for $10 million from private investors. The company has now raised total funding of $20 million since MeLLmo was founded in January 2008.  Read more here...

MeLLmo has a way of displaying business intelligence data on mobile devices that is very compelling.  I recorded a video interview with Santiago Becerra, the founder of MeLLmo, earlier this year.  During that interview Santiago said they recruit developers from the electronic game industry because of their ability to make compelling GUI (graphical user interfaces).

I have heard that one weakness in MeLLmo's strategy is the need to download business intelligence data to the mobile device and store it there.  This may concern many executives that don't like the idea of allowing confidential business data to reside on mobile devices.  Other vendors in the mobile business intelligence field do not store this data on the device.  Rather, they simply hold it in memory and display it during the session.  Perhaps this doesn't allow for as compelling a presentation, but the data may be safer.

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