Thursday, August 26, 2010

Saving Billions with the Help of Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Part 2

In the UK the water utilities and the government wanted to find ways of reducing water consumption so they could delay or avoid building new water reservoirs.  You can image how difficult and costly it is to build new water reservoirs in populated areas! 

The water utilities and the government, which own a significant number of council houses, developed a program in which they would send inspectors out to inspect water usage and recommend ways of reducing it.

The company that was awarded the inspection work contacted me to help them mobilize this system.  Here is a high level view on how I remember the process worked:

  1. Mail was sent to the council house addresses announcing the program.
  2. Inspection visits were scheduled.
  3. Inspectors were dispatched to a certain number of homes each day.
  4. Minutes before the inspectors were to arrive, the home owners were called to make sure they were home.
  5. The inspectors inspected all of the plumbing and appliances for leaks, and other areas where water consumption could be reduced.
  6. Following the inspections the data was synchronized back to a central database.
  7. The results of the inspections were organized and recommendations on a per house basis were made and the costs associated with the improvements where calculated.
  8. Once the improvements and work was approved, field service technicians were dispatched to install equipment and repair equipment that was intended to reduce water usage. 
The key point was that the ROI for this project was potentially billions of Sterling for the government and water utilities.  Delivering that ROI was dependent on getting the inspections and work done efficiently.  If the inspections and work cost were too much, then the entire project would be jeopardized.  Efficiencies were required in order for any of it to happen.

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