Thursday, August 26, 2010

SAP Enterprise Mobility and Management Education

I have been thinking a lot lately about how management, and the art of managing, needs to evolve with the advancement and progress in mobile technology.  It is not just mobile devices that change, but a whole list of new capabilities that are now available to a manager.  I wonder how many managers have adapted their management styles and practices, and re-engineered their business processes to take advantage of these mobile features and capabilities?

What do you think?  Do you see managers staying on top of new mobile capabilities, or are they managing the same way they did in a disconnected world? 

Let me provide just one example.  Earlier this year Syclo connected their mobile applications to the SAP global support backbone.  This is a great step that recognizes the importance of mobility to the enterprise, but how many managers know what this means and how to use it effectively?  Here are some details.

Syclo’s mobile applications now connect to the SAP global support backbone of the SAP® Active Global Support organization and have built-in support for incident processing and remote diagnostics using the partner edition of the SAP Solution Manager application management solution, providing end-to-end incident management processes.   Syclo is using SAP Solution Manager during support operations and conforms to SAP standards for shared support processes, service-level agreements and escalation procedures. The integration between Syclo’s SMART Work Manager and SMART Service Manager applications and SAP Active Global Support will help customers increase operational efficiency.

Now that the technology is here, I believe it is time to educate management.  What do you think?

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