Monday, March 04, 2013

Kevin Benedict's Mobile World Congress 2013 Interviews: Charlie McNiff

It was interesting how much of the Mobile World Congress this year was about M2M and the Internet of Things.  I guess it makes sense from a teleco perspective, mobile data is mobile data, whether it comes from a mobile app on a smartphone or a piece of heavy equipment wirelessly reporting its maintenance needs.

I have often written over the years that M2M and enterprise mobility would eventually converge.  This year they certainly did at the MWC 2013 event.  Mobile data coming in from remote workers and assets is all valuable to the enterprise.  With the right business analytics solution your managers can use this real-time data to make good data driven decisions.

At the show, SAP connected their M2M initiative with their Hana platform to deliver real-time analytics to the Port of Hamburg in Germany.  The demonstration was in the Connected City at the show. The solution was used to track incoming cargo containers, truck parking spaces and truck locations.  The M2M data coming in wirelessly from these three areas was analyzed in seconds and used to improve efficiencies in the logistical processes.

In this short video, I interview SAP partner ILS Technology about where they see growth in the M2M industry.  Grab some popcorn!

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