Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kony Solutions Acquires Long Time SAP Mobility Partner Sky Technologies

Kony Solutions Acquires Sky Technologies
Kony Solutions today announced they have acquired long time Australian based SAP mobility partner Sky Technologies.  This appears to be a bold move by Kony Solutions to jump into the enterprise mobility market in general, and the SAP mobility market in particular.

Kony Solutions wanted to expand into the enterprise mobility arena, and Sky Technologies needed more investment and a bigger, global presence. Both Kony Solution and Sky Technologies have good technology stories and reputations.  This will make them both stronger and more formidable mobile application development platform competitors.  There is definitely market consolidation occurring.

Kony Solutions has been working hard over the last year to expand from their B2C mobility roots into the enterprise mobility space and this acquisition will bolster their credentials as Sky Technologies has over 14 years of experience delivering mobile solutions into the SAP ecosystem and over 100 SAP mobility deployments with large companies.  I have spoken to many SAP/Sky Technologies' customers over the years and have always heard good reports on their mobility solutions.

This spring I had the opportunity to film an interview with Kony Solution's Chief Mobile Officer Sam Lakkundi in which he shares details of their ambitions.  Also, while in Europe this summer speaking on mobile strategies I was able to meet Kony Solutions' Director of Technical Services, Jay Bopa Rai and film an interview him.  I have also recorded interviews with the Sky Technologies team over the years that offer insight into their solutions and focus:
SAP customers have went from enterprise mobility famine to feast.  They now have a plethora of good, solid choices to select from.

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