Monday, April 30, 2012

Free Range Eggs with Benedict Series 2012

Edinburgh, Scotland
I have begun the 2012 "Free Range Eggs with Benedict" speaking series.  These are both public and private enterprise mobility workshops scheduled in inconvenient locations.   Last week I spoke in Atlanta, Georgia, this week in beautiful Edinburgh, next week in Las Vegas, then Barcelona, Rotterdam, Boston, Washington DC and London.

The 2011 "Eggs with Benedict" enterprise mobility series was a lot of fun (5 countries in 5 days), but kind of tiring.  This year 5 countries over a period of about 5 weeks.  Stayed tuned...

Today, we had some very interesting discussions.  At least I think they were.  I couldn't understand much of it, but we laughed a lot!

Seriously, we discussed how to merge the mobile requirements of a line-of-business, with their unique enterprise mobility requirements, with the company's need for mobile standards.  Each group is pulled in different directions based upon immediate and long term enterprise mobility ambitions. 

I also heard of a very funny proof of concept.  A manufacturer loaned out several rugged tablets to be tested.  These rugged tablets had touch screens, but the touch screens would not work until you logged in.  The result is you needed portable keyboards to login, but then you could use the touch screen.  IS THAT CRAZY OR WHAT!?  Those tablets did not make the short list.
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