Monday, January 23, 2012

What's New in HTML5 Week of January 23rd

Each week I conduct market research on HTML5 that includes news, quotes, market growth and developments around HTML5 and share the more interesting ones here with you.  I hope you find it useful.

A new survey from Evans Data shows that 43 percent of developers in North America and 58% in the Asia Pacific region are using HTML5.  The trend is expected to grow even further in 2012. Read Original Content

CEO of web framework and tool provider Sencha, Michael Mullany, states “Looking at the phenomenal rise of HTML5 as the next industry standard for Web development, it's clear that 2011 has been a transformational year for this powerful set of Web technologies.” Read Original Content

Cross-platform app framework service Trigger ( announced a new mobile development framework designed for web developers who wish to develop native mobile apps.  Co-founder and CEO Amir Nathoo states “Demand for mobile apps, both native and mobile web, is exploding and web developers are looking for ways to benefit from this shift.” Read Original Content

Web-based streaming music service Grooveshark is now available as an HTML5 app which runs in a web browser and is optimized for mobile devices.  Read Original Content

According to a January 16, 2012 article by Chris Wright, Silverlight’s future with SharePoint seems grim, with HTML5 stepping in as a replacement.  “Microsoft seems to be making a strategic decision to back HTML5 for web and app-style development. Windows 8 is using HTML5 as its application platform, so it seems likely that the next version of SharePoint will fall in line with this vision.” Read, “Do SharePoint and Silverlight Have a Future Together.”

"HTML5 is well on its way to fame and fortune, but it’s too early to declare a complete HTML5 victory over Flash video, as Flash still dominates on streaming web services."  This comprehensive article lists the benefits and limitations of HTML5 for use with video. Read Original Content

Kindle Publisher Tools with Kindle Format 8 (KF8) offers new features, including HTML5 support for publishers.  Details are on Amazon's website.  Read Original Content  

HTML5 Forms – Two articles of note:
  1. What's New in HTML5 Forms: The Datalist Control”  
  2. HTML5 Forms: How To Use The New Email, URL, and Telephone Input Types” 

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