Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HTML5 – What’s New Christmas Week?


Software company TeleNav has developed a browser-based HTML5 app that delivers voice-enabled, turn-by-turn GPS navigation on most mobile devices.  The service is now available for developers, and is scheduled for launch to the public in the first part of 2012.

From the press release issued December 14, 2011:  “By simply adding one line of code, developers of mobile websites or of apps with local content will have a free and easy way to integrate full GPS turn-by-turn directions into their services, creating a more seamless user experience and increasing user engagement and time spent within their applications.”

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iOS Beats Android in HTML5 Performance Evaluation

A study conducted by Sencha, Inc. ( shows that Apples iOS 5 wins over Google’s Android in HTML5 browser performance.  Sencha deals with frameworks used in creating web apps for HTML5.  According to the study, the latest Android OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich, shows advances in the Android browser, but the iOS still offers better performance.

Google Says “Let it Snow” with New Holiday Hidden “Easter Egg”

For a fun holiday effect, go to Google’s home page ( in your HTML5 supported browser, type in “let it snow” and watch to see what happens.  Your screen will frost over with HTML5 snow flurries until a “defrost” button appears.  The search also produces Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra links.  For another cool holiday effect, type in “Christmas” or “Hanukkah”.

appMobi tackles HTML5 sound problem

A problem with HTML5 is that it can only play one sound at a time.  appMobi is now using “multi-channel sound” to allow developers to layer sounds on top of one another to generate a more dynamic audio experience, according to a December 19, 2011 article from ReadWriteWeb.

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