Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today is Mobility Tuesday at SAP's SAPPHIRENOW 2011!!!

Today promises to be very interesting and busy at SAPPHIRENOW 2011.  The focus of the day is mobility and a bunch of press releases have been published today.  It will take me some time to read through all of them and to organize my thoughts around them all. 

I am sitting in the keynote conference area looking forward to hearing from the Co-CEOs of SAP this morning. There is a band set-up on stage.  It ought to be a rock'in 9 AM keynote!

I walked by the broadcast studio on the way in and saw Dr. Raj Nathan and John Chen.  They were being interviewed and responding to questions from an audience in Germany over satelite. 

Yesterday I helped moderate two PCN (premier customer network) mobility roundtables.  It was very interesting. Nearly every company said they were reluctant to roll out mobility due to security concerns.  My suggestion to Sybase and SAP is to shine the spotlight on Afaria as a way to remove those concerns.  Until those concerns are addressed, the companies I met with yesterday are moving in slow motion on mobility projects.

I also met with Pyxis Mobile, Syclo, ClickSoftware, Smartsoft Mobile, Vivido Labs, K2 Partnering, Sybase, SAP Mobility and many other companies that have a significant presence here.

Kevin Benedict, Independent Mobile and M2M Industry Analyst, SAP Mentor Volunteer
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