Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mobile Business App Store? ClickSoftware Says Yes!

ClickSoftware, the developer of the SAP Workforce Scheduling and Optimization solution and the ClickMobile application, today announced a new patent pending ClickAppStore for mobile applications.  Here is their description:

The patentpending ClickAppStore includes hundreds of readytouse mobile business apps, and a unique integrated development environment (IDE) in which IT professionals can assemble business apps into enduser solutions using primarily nocoding ‘drag and drop’ wizards. ClickAppStore also offers tools to build user interfaces that are effectively device agnostic and enable its applications to run on just about any tablet or smartphone. Aimed at System Integrators, IT departments, ERP/CRM companies and product developers of vertical industry solutions to mobilize backoffice products, ClickAppStore also includes access to consulting, training, and outsourcing services.
What do you think?  Is this useful?

When I was the CEO of a mobile application company we always thought this was needed.  We had developed dozens of different applications for clients that were collecting dust on our shelves and we wanted to make them known and available to a wider community.  I like this concept and will be watching how they manage this process.  We all know that Apple's success was in large part due to their complete end-to-end solution including iTunes and the App store.  It will be interesting to watch if an enterprise mobility vendor can also be successful using a version of this model.

You can read the full
press release here
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