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Mobile NFC News Weekly – Week of March 21, 2011

Welcome to the first edition of the Mobile NFC News Weekly.  In our daily research on the mobility market, we are finding more and more information on the subject of mobile NFC (near field communications).  Why is NFC interesting?  It is one of the key components of mobile money, which has the possibility of changing the way banking, business and consumer transactions are made globally.

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In an example of the battles erupting as smartphones evolve into electronic wallets, Research In Motion Ltd. is locking horns with wireless carriers over control of mobile payment data.



Google is reportedly testing a mobile payment trial at stores in New York and San Francisco.



MasterCard claims mobile touch and go payments through microSD cards are the future of mobile phones in Australia.  The company made the call following Visa's announcement earlier this week of a 50 employee trial with ANZ of iPhone cases embedded with NFC chips to test contactless payments like in PayPass and PayWave cards.



Research in Motion’s, managing director, Steven Bates, says that his company will make a push to integrate NFC into its smartphones and tablets.



CNET reports that in the second half of 2011, Visa will begin rolling out a service that turns smartphones into electronic wallets. Visa will use NFC short range wireless technology to convert smartphones into payment device.



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Tech stocks are flying high again and during the past three months, none has climbed higher than NXP Semiconductors.  NXP is the leading maker of NFC chips that turn cell phones into digital wallets.



According to sources, Apple is working on remote access on Macs utilizing next generation’s iPhone (iPhone 5) NFC technology.  The report suggests that users will be able to download their profile from an iPhone to a Mac through NFC and get access to their Apps and data.



Nokia has announced the launch of a new partnership with major car and phone manufacturers to develop common standards for connectivity between handsets and vehicles.  The partnership will work towards integrating mobile technology with in car entertainment, NFC and wireless charging, using the Terminal Mode standard.



VeriFone has announced it will include NFC technology in all its new point of sale terminals.



The former product lead for PayPal Mobile has joined smartphone shopping developer ShopSavvy to lead its introduction of NFC applications.



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