Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Do SAP and Sybase Recognize What is Happening?

I know many people that work at Sybase in the mobility products area.  They were overworked before the acquisition.  Now they are overworked times 10.  Why?  SAP bought them and enterprise mobility is in big demand today.  SAP customers have been waiting a long time for an SAP direction and roadmap around mobility and now that SAP has a strategy there is a huge backlog of interest.  What does SAP do with this interest?  They call the product folks at Sybase Unwired Platform and request their assistance. 

I don't think the management folks at Sybase yet recognize what the SAP ecosystem is going to do to them.  I work closely with the SAP enterprise mobility ecosystem.  The majority of these companies are going to want to partner with Sybase so they can support SAP's roadmap and strategy.  Read  SAP's Mobility Partners After SAP’s Acquisition of Sybase, Part 1 for more information on this subject.  These companies have their own customer bases and are actively recruiting more business.  This is going to drive a significant amount of new business to Sybase.  It is going to require growth at Sybase.

Sybase has been an R&D company for so many years, and has built their reputation around cost cutting and running lean and profitable.  The SAP acquisition and backlog of customer demand for mobile solutions will demand an uncomfortable level of growth at Sybase in the mobility area.  I hope they recognize and address this fact.  This is not the time to hold growth back and squeeze out every penny of profit.  This is the time to address the demand, capture the market and close business.

My friends at Sybase cannot continue to work at the current pace.  Someone at SAP/Sybase is going to have to start hiring, or SAP customers will suffer.

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