Thursday, September 23, 2010

SAP's Mobility Partners After SAP’s Acquisition of Sybase, Part 1

Many companies have asked me recently how the SAP acquisition of Sybase will impact the SAP enterprise mobility ecosystem. It is a fair question that needs to be answered, as there is an increasing interest and demand from enterprises for mobile applications.

Companies want and need to formulate a mobility strategy now, but they don’t want their first steps to be misguided. As a result they are watching webinars, attending conferences, downloading whitepapers and reading blogs in an effort to find answers. For years SAP did not provide many mobility answers. They struggled to understand and define a workable mobility strategy and roadmap. As a result, SAP mobility partners were forced to find their own answers. Today, however, things have dramatically changed in the world of SAP enterprise mobility. With SAP’s acquisition of Sybase, and their Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP), there is now a good and reliable mobile application platform and NetWeaver integration strategy that can be understood and followed by both customers and SAP mobility partners.

If your SAP enterprise mobility strategy calls for supporting a wide variety of mobile applications for different business processes, departments, users and industries, then you need to work with a MEAP (mobile enterprise application platform). If you need to support both horizontal and vertical mobile applications that need to run in both connected and disconnected modes, then you need to work with a MEAP.

Today, there are several MEAP companies. However, the obvious choice for SAP customers is the SAP/Sybase Unwired Platform. Why? SAP just spent $5.8 billion to help you meet your mobility requirements. It is SAP’s mobility solution going forward, and their roadmap includes features and functionality that will make the mobile infrastructure and implementation projects easier and more standardized so customers can achieve a lower TCO (total cost of ownership).

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