Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Enterprise Asset Management, RFID and M2M

Most of the time when we think of RFID we think of fixed mounted systems in warehouses, manufacturing environments and in transportation and logistics processes.  However, there are also mobile environments where RFID and M2M (machine to machine) systems are needed.  These can be just about any kind of jobsite where there isn't an easily available IT infrastructure and Internet connectivity.

Andy Neil from Antronics Ltd sent me an overview of a solution he recently delivered.  It involves implementing a mobile RFID/M2M/GPS solution on remote sites where there is construction and roadwork.

I have seen projects like this where high value tools and equipment are kept in storage, and when they are removed the RFID tags activate an RFID system that monitors their movement and reports their location.   Since there is not an existing network available in these remote areas, M2M or wireless embedded mobile devices automatically send the captured RFID to a server over wireless networks.

I believe there will be an increasing convergence between M2M and enterprise mobility.  Companies like SAP co-innovation mobility partner Syclo focus on materials management, enterprise asset management and plant maintenance.  All of these areas have big requirements for M2M and embedded mobile devices and enterprise mobility applications.  It would be a natural fit.

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