Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Predictions about HTML5

Gil "Rambo"Bouhnick
My friend Gil Bouhnick recently wrote an article where he made a bold prediction - HTML5 will Rule Enterprise Mobility by 2013.  I like a person that has an opinion and is willing to share it. 

Here is an exerpt, "With or without native extensions, by 2013 I predict that the war will be over. No one in the enterprise software industry will start a project just for iPhone, or just for Windows Phone 7. Html5 will be a certified standard or very close to that. It will support all the native access required by the market, and who knows, it may even be able to run outside a browser or any other native replacement. It will be the way to go, just like web is today's obvious preferred way for desktop applications."

I would encourage you to read the following three articles on HTML5 if you are interested in the thoughts of a veteran enterprise mobility expert:
  1. Prediction: By 2013, Html5 Will Rule Enterprise Mobility
  2. The Truth about HTML5, Part 1
  3. The Truth about HTML5, Part 2
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