Friday, August 19, 2011

The Mobility World is Not What it Was a Week Ago!

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Wow!  What a week in mobility!  First Google buys Motorola Mobile and gets into the hardware business.  This puts a cash rich competitor into the handset space, and another arrow into RIM (the manufacturers of the Blackberry), and a fatal blow to HP and their webOS aspirations.

HP surrenders the mobile device and mobile operating system battle as there is NO way they can compete against Apple, Google or even RIM.  They are even wanting to leave the PC/laptop market now.  I think they recognize the PC/laptop market is morphing into the same business as mobile devices and they cannot compete against Apple and Google in that space.

Nokia surrendered a few months ago on the software/OS (operating system) battle and partnered with Microsoft.  Now all the major mobile OS players are intimately connected to specific hardware manufacturers.

My analysis, both Apple and Google are inside the "decision cycle" of RIM, Motorola, Nokia, Microsoft and HP.  In another words, Apple and Google are making good strategic decisions and executing them faster than any of the others can even respond.  This according to Colonel John Boyd and his OODA principals, causes confusion, frustration and panic among opponents.  The result is what we have seen this week.

Colonel Boyd says that all battles are won not by technology, but by people.  People with better ways of thinking.  Congratulations Apple and Google teams!

I would invite anyone interested in competitive decision making and strategic thinking to read up on Colonel John Boyd's OODA principals and how they relate to management, competition and strategy.

Kevin Benedict, Independent Mobile and M2M Industry Analyst, SAP Mentor Volunteer
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