Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Leadership Change in SAP's Mobility Business Unit - Again

At Sapphire 2010 (May), Kevin Nix was in charge of SAP's mobile application development.  At TechEd 2010 (October), Bob Stutz was in charge of SAP's mobile applications development.  Today, (December 21, 2010), Raj Nathan is the interim EVP in charge of SAP's mobile application development. 

Is Kevin Benedict Next?

I want to volunteer myself for an interim VP role in the SAP Mobility Business Unit.  I can wear a tie again for a few months and speak the corporate line.  Really!  "On premise, on demand, on device and in memory... we want to help our customers better leverage their existing investments and make transformational changes that are game changing."  How is that?  There must be a list of names they are going down.  I have some time on my calendar before spring break.   

Here is the official word from SAP, "Bob Stutz has decided to leave SAP and we thank him for his longstanding leadership and contributions to the company. To ensure a smooth transition, John Chen, CEO and Chairman of Sybase, has appointed Raj Nathan, EVP and CMO of Sybase, to serve as interim head of the Mobile Applications Group.”

After the holidays give me a call.  Does the job come with an iPad?

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