Thursday, December 02, 2010

HTML 5 and Sybase Unwired Platform

Sybase, an SAP company, has made a lot of money over the years selling mobile client databases.  These databases (SQL Anywhere Database Client) reside on the mobile device and are synchronized with a technology called SQL Anywhere Mobilink.  I wonder how this revenue stream will be impacted by the emergence and adoption of HTML 5.

Does anyone dare share an opinion?

HTML 5 has a database built into it.  Every mobile client that uses this HTML 5 database means one less potential SQL Anywhere Database Client license for Sybase. 

I read this week on Gil Bouhnick's blog MobileFever, that ClickSoftware is releasing their first HTML 5 version of their ClickMobile solution.  Last month I saw a demo of their iPad version running HTML 5 and it was a great looking application.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments regarding the impact you believe HTML 5 will have on the enterprise mobility market.

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