Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded Handheld OS is Alive and Well

Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, a water and electric utility serving 65,000 customers, has recently implemented a new mobile inventory application from Syclo on Motorola MC9090 devices to streamline processes for its storerooms, water processing plant and service center.

Kansas City Board of Public Utilities list benefits as follows:
  1. More reliable off-line capabilities
  2. Improved security and better error tracking
  3. Drastic improvement in cycle count processes
  4. Easy integration to PeopleSoft and other backend systems
I believe it is important for people and vendors in the enterprise mobility space to recognize that nearly all rugged and industrial grade mobile handhelds are still using Microsoft operating systems such as Windows Mobile 6.5 or the upcoming Windows Embedded Handheld OS.  The excerpt above highlights the fact that large numbers of mobile devices (and mobile applications) continue to be deployed outside of the Apple, Android and BlackBerry device markets.

Look at the numbers of industrial grade mobile handheld devices sold each year by Psion Teklogix, Trimble, Motorola, Intermec and others.  These numbers demonstrate that this remains a sizeable market.

This morning I received an email from a mobile software company called Acando, in the Nordic market.  They were excited to share that they had recently closed a deal with over 5,000 users to implement a Windows Mobile based, paperless orders-to-cash process and traceable SLA (service level agreement) compliance solution.  Again, this demonstrates that there are many large opportunities for Microsoft based mobile enterprise applications.

Motorola MC990
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