Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Education and SAP Enterprise Mobility

Last week I wrote an article pondering how management strategies may need to change to take advantage of both current and emerging mobile technologies.  My reasoning is that simply placing mobile devices in the hands of a mobile workforce does not on its own improve the business.  Mobile technology is simply a way of enabling new and improved business processes and management practices.  To me this means management needs to be educated.

The SVP of National Customer Solutions Delivery, Tony Geheran at TELUS recently stated, "Efficient and effective management of our large mobile workforce is critical to the success of our business.”  The important part to note about this statement is that efficient and effective managing is the key to success, not mobile technology.  Mobile technology is an enabler, not the end goal.

I read recently that one SAP mobility partner, Clicksoftware, is advocating the combination of technology with educational services to help businesses find the right balance between reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction, employee preferences and industry regulations.   I am a fan of this approach.  Having been involved in hundreds of mobility projects I know how important it is for the stakeholders to have a deep understanding of why mobile technologies are useful and why it is worth the implementation effort and costs.

I believe it is important for managers today to spend time in education and research to learn how mobility can make managing more efficient and effective.

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