Monday, January 18, 2010

Advice to Mobile Start-Ups: You are a Publishing Company Like it or Not!

I am a consultant to mobile start-up companies and an expert in the area of Web 2.0 marketing. I have successfully built mobile software companies from the ground up. I have made just about every mistake one could make, and learned how to overcome and avoid them in the future. I now work with mobile start-ups to help them implement the right Web 2.0 marketing strategies to build their sales pipelines in their targeted markets.

I advise my clients that like it or not they must become an Internet publishing company. Why? Unless they have millions of dollars or euros to burn on expensive pay-per-click campaigns, conferences, call centers, flights, hotels and rental cars, they are going to need to leverage the Internet and all of the free Internet tools available to build their sales pipeline, reseller channels, brand and partner communities.

Using the Internet requires the consistent production and publication of rich and valuable content that is useful and desired by your target audience. It needs to be updated daily or weekly and it needs to be found by your audience. You must first find and attract an audience that values your content, and then motivate them to return over and over and to provide you with their contact information. You must first become a trusted and dependable information asset to them, and then they will become fans, prospects and finally customers.

How do you become a valuable asset to your target audience? You must provide them with information that will improve their business by fixing their problems, reducing costs and/or increasing their sales. Here is the challenge. Mobile start-ups are busy places. They often have engineering geniuses, but few have the time or interest to write expert content to share with the public. Writing is hard work and time consuming. As a result, few start-ups consistently publish and expand their footprint on the web by utilizing Web 2.0 marketing strategies.

Mobile start-ups, however, must recognize that publishing prized and valued content that is read by their target audience is not a luxury, but a requirement now days. Setting up the processes, resources and systems to write, publish, promote and syndicate rich content on a daily basis must be part of every mobile start-up's business and marketing plan.

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Author Kevin Benedict
Independent Mobility Consultant, Wireless Industry Analyst and Marketing Consultant
twitter: @krbenedict