Thursday, March 27, 2008

QuickBooks and Mobile Handheld PDA Software Applications

MobileDataforce provides mobile business applications for use on handheld PDAs that are integrated with QuickBooks. These applications are highly popular with field service technicians and contractors that use QuickBooks in their office and work orders in the field. Mobile applications include:
  • Mobile Service Tickets, Work Orders, Service Requests, etc.
  • Mobile job estimates
  • Mobile time tracking
  • More
MobileDataforce provides a wireless work order management system called FieldSync that integrates mobile handheld devices with QuickBooks. Work orders can be wireless dispatched to the field service technicians, once they are completed they can be directly synchronized with QuickBooks in the office. MobileDataforce offers both off-the-shelf mobile business applications and customized mobile business applications to fit their customer's specific requirements.
For more information please visit their website or contact by email.