Thursday, March 27, 2008

Questions to Ponder when Considering a Mobile Software Strategy

  1. Should you purchase mobile software for handheld PDAs from every vendor that supplies enterprise software applications to your company? What if you have 16 enterprise applications? Are you willing to buy 16 different mobile software packages for handheld PDAs in order to mobilize these processes? If so, you will need a very big budget and IT department. If you chose to buy 16 different mobile applications, you would need to punch 16 different holes in your firewall, learn 16 different synchronization technologies, and use 16 different application development environments.
  2. Should I buy an "Off-the-Shelf" mobile application, or develop a customized mobile application to fit my specific business? The answer depends on if your business is set-up as an "off-the-shelf" business. Do you conduct your business in the exact same manner as many others in your market? Do you use the same business processes and the same accounting package as many others? Is your product or service company managed in the same manner as others in your market? Are there mobile applications already available that will do all this for you in a cost effective manner?

MobileDataforce has an entire department filled with mobility experts. We get asked these kinds of questions every day of the week. If you have questions on mobile software strategies, please contact us or visit our website.