Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mobile Sales, Orders and CRM on Handheld PDAs

My team has a lot of experience helping our customers develop world class mobile sales and mobile delivery software applications for use on handheld PDAs that use Windows Mobile. These projects include:
  • Mobile sales orders - take orders in mobile locations
  • Tracking the delivery of products to retail grocery stores
  • Collecting in-store marketing information
  • Collecting product price information
  • Proof-of-delivery
  • Water bottle delivery solutions to homes/businesses
  • Post-delivery inspection applications (check product for shipping damage and get customer signature)
  • Mobile retail planagrams (detail the shelf location of products and the re-stocking amounts)

If you would like to brainstorm about how to develop custom mobile software or mobilize your sales, delivery or CRM solutions please contact us at MobileDataforce.