Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SoMo 650 Socket's New Mobile Handheld PDA

Here is an interesting development in the world of PDAs and bluetooth barcode scanners - Socket, a company that traditionally manufacturers accessories and add-ons for other company's PDAs and handheld computers, has just announced their own PDA called the SoMo 650.
This is an interesting development since sales of stand alone PDAs (those without phone capabilities) have been dropping year-over-year in favor of PDA Phones and Smart Phones (PDAs running on Windows Mobile and other powerful operating systems that included integrated phone capabilities). It will be interesting to see how a new PDA without phone capabilities will sell these days.
I also wonder how this will impact Socket's sales of their bluetooth barcode scanners and other accessories. Other PDA manufacturers will naturally want to avoid referring customers to them out of fear that Socket will sell them the SoMo 650 rather than their iPAQ, XDA, MC35, MC50 or MC75.
Symbol Technologies, Intermec Technologies and many other handheld computer makers are rapidly downsizing handheld computers and releasing smaller versions, but most have integrated phones. These companies have often referred business or resold Socket products...hummmm. They will be very wary of Socket going forward.
Socket must believe they can make more profits by selling PDAs than not. So let the games begin!