Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Mobile Apps, Sensor Platforms, Code Halos and Consumer Behaviors

In 2015 I am going to be investing a lot of time studying how consumer behaviors are changing as a result of the use of smartphones and mobile apps.  I will also be studying what leading companies are doing to address those changing behaviors.  Why will I be focusing on this area?  Look at these numbers from the last week in November 2014 as reported by iovation:
  • 38 percent of transactions on Black Friday were from mobile devices
  • 40 percent on Saturday and Sunday Nov. 29 and 30 were from mobile devices
  • 30 percent on Cyber Monday were from mobile devices
  • 44 percent the weekend before Black Friday, Nov. 22 and 23 were from mobile devices
Does that convince you of the importance?

Here is another interesting analysis of the data, “When we looked closer at the holiday data and other historical intelligence, it was clear that fewer people shop from mobile devices during the work week as they presumably make purchases from work computers, not personal phones and tablets,” said iovation’s Vice President of Product, Scott Olson.

Mobile commerce represents a very fast growing sector and smartphones, as mobile sensor platforms, are collecting increasing amounts of data that can be used to hyper-personalize user experiences within an effective Code Halos strategy.

The importance of mobile commerce to commerce in general can be demonstrated by this statement from Juniper Research this week, "Mobile phone and tablet users will make 195 billion mobile commerce transactions annually by 2019, up from 72 billion this year."

To understand how Code Halos and big data strategies are connected to mobile commerce applications watch this video -

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