Monday, August 06, 2012

Is Enterprise Mobility Funny?

The answer, according to my wife, is no.  However, I am reading a book on how to write comedy.  I apologize in advance for any offense.

Isn’t it sad to read about Research In Motion’s demise over the past couple of years? Morale is so bad in Waterloo, that psychologist are calling it Blackberry whine.

Mobile security is a very big concern for most executives surveyed.  No CEO wants another Tiger-Woods-text-message-discovery incident happening on their watch.

Foxxcon is a big player in the mobile device industry; in fact they are the world’s largest maker of electronic components and they manufacture Apple’s iPhones and iPads.  If Apple grows any more, China is going to have to drop their one child policy.

Microsoft is preparing to release Windows 8 and they hope this will make them a player in the mobile industry again.  If they don’t come up with a winning solution this time, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will need to step in.

Why were the iPhones so disappointed with their swimming performance at the Olympics?  They were out of sync.

Texting while driving is dangerous.  Your club could injure a spectator.

Providing real-time business analytics on mobile devices is a big trend.  If you are going to confuse a manager, let him be confused away from the office.

Again, my sincerest apologies.

Kevin Benedict, Mobile Industry Analyst, Mobile Strategy Consultant and SAP Mentor Alumnus
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