Monday, April 23, 2012

Enterprise Mobility, Mobile Sensors and Data Collection

I am reading a book titled Spying with Maps.   It details the amazing sensors that are available on cameras and infrared scanners today.  Perhaps not on your typical handheld camera, but if you have a heavy duty spy camera or infrared scanner hanging from an orbiting satellite you could have these capabilities.  Here are some examples:
  • sensors able to distinguish camouflage from natural vegetation
  • sensors that can pinpoint distressed crops
  • sensors that can identify heat loss and soil moisture
  • sensors that can identify and classify vegetation
  • sensors that can detect changes in objects (the object moved since yesterday)
A Whitepaper by Kevin Benedict
Perhaps you are scratching your head wondering how this will be useful at your next family reunion, but it gets even better!  In this MacWorld article titled Photo Measures and Measured for iOS, the author describes several new mobile apps that enable you to take a photo and add measurements and angles to the image so you can see the dimensions of objects including the girth of Uncle Charlie.  It is very useful for contractors and real estate agents that need to regularly record, save and share measurements.

The only thing missing from the sensors above, is a fashion accessory.  Something that you can wear.  Relax! I have found that too.  It is from a company called Shimmer.  Shimmer's wearable sensors can collect many different kinds of sensory data such as wireless ECG, EMG, GSR, Accelerometer, Gyro, Mag, GPS, Tilt and Vibration sensors.

Wireless data collection sensors that can record all of these different kinds of data, upload it in real-time to a server, where it can be analyzed and shared with the field force in near real-time presents a near limitless amount of possibilities for enterprise mobility.  It is intriguing to me how these sensors, big data, business analytics and mobile devices can all work together to augment our reality.  It is now up to all of you visionaries out there to define the best use cases!

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