Monday, March 19, 2012

Mobility, SAP, Hana and Risk Management

This weekend I drove past a tragic fatality accident near Bend, Oregon.  It was a head-on collision between two cars.  One of the witnesses quoted in the paper the following day expressed his long held belief in the danger of the particular stretch of road where the accident happened.  That got me thinking.

This afternoon, I decided to grab some delicious take-out Indian food for lunch here in Boise, Idaho.  As I was returning to my office, I drove past another traffic accident in a section of the road that I always felt was dangerous.  That incident pushed me past thinking to writing.

I want a mobile solution, or an in-vehicle navigation system that utilizes SAP's Hana solution to wirelessly and speedily analyze big data about traffic and safety and predict the safest routes.  One that is also location aware, and can provide me with a list of route options based upon their relative safety.  I know some back roads, where the speed limits are slow and the traffic light, that must be far safer that congested streets with fast speed limits.  I want that information.  I bet insurance carriers would appreciate the same.

As I was planning the driving route home from Bend, Oregon to Boise, Idaho on Saturday, I was trying to predict and anticipate all of the virtues and risks of each possible route.  I considered road conditions, speed and weather.  I forgot, however, to consider distances to hospitals, tow trucks, gas stations and emergency responders.  I was fortunate not to need any emergency services, but I had failed to consider all of these variables.  My wife pointed out that we were lucky we didn't need them as we were driving across hundreds of miles of near empty high desert, in the Winter.

Which one of you service providers or vendors will provide me with a subscription to this service?

Can we add a predictive mobile app that will consider crime, death rate, accident data, contagious disease outbreak data, a potential for civil war as well?  One that will give me real-time updates as I walk through unfamiliar neighborhoods in foreign cities?  Let's add tornado outbreaks, earthquake, tsunami, flood and hurricane data as well.  Seriously!!!  The data is there.  Can't we consider all of this data and then visualize it on an infograph?

I am waiting...safely in my house...with my doors locked...for your solution.

Kevin Benedict, Independent Mobile Industry Analyst, Consultant and SAP Mentor Alumnus
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