Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mobile Enterprise Strategies Hits the One Million Mark

Thank You from Kevin Benedict!
I started writing the Mobile Enterprise Strategies blog in 2006 while in the middle of working on dozens of enterprise mobility projects in all corners of the globe.  In 2010 I started tracking my readership and page views.  This week this site and it's mirrored site on Ulitzer, will hit the one millionth page view.  THANK YOU!

There are now 1,652 articles here.  When I read some of the older ones I am embarrassed at what I wrote, and how I wrote it, but that goes along with the territory.  You can't write Shakespeare every day!

Some days as I am researching and writing about mobile strategies in Boise, Idaho, it seems I am working alone, however, these numbers provide evidence that others are finding these articles and newsletters of value as well.  Thanks again for reading and sharing!

Kevin Benedict, Independent Mobile Industry Analyst, Consultant and SAP Mentor Volunteer
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Full Disclosure: I am an independent mobility analyst, consultant and blogger. I work with and have worked with many of the companies mentioned in my articles.