Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Enterprise Mobility and Transformative Healthcare

It is my opinion that enterprise mobility, M2M and mobile strategies will transform the healthcare industry more than just about any market outside of media.

Dave Chase describes, in this article, how the healthcare industry parallels the printed newspaper industry in their slow adoption of digital solutions and transformative technologies.  The image on the right demonstrates many of the mobile and M2M technologies that can revolutionize healthcare.

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Traditional healthcare institutions will rapidly become dinosaurs if they don't embrace the use of mobile solutions and M2M technologies that provide better quality of services, often remotely, for less costs.

The balance of power is changing.  Nimble start-ups will link best of breed and highly efficient caregivers, medical equipment operators and labs into new digital healthcare networks that are not dependent on massive hospital campuses filled with paper file cabinets, and expensive specialized equipment.  Healthcare will not be determined by buildings, but by systems connected to digital M2M and mobile networks.  Chase points out that instead of providing "sick care" these digital networks will be rewarded for providing profitable "health care."

Electronic patient records will be able to travel across the digital network with the patient.  More and more services will be able to be performed in remote home environments and in locations that specialize in providing efficient and cost effective services.

These new healthcare start-ups with digital, M2M and mobile networks, don't have the facilities and physical baggage of traditional institutions.  They will cause pain to the traditional healthcare institutions that don't transform with this new reality.  I for one would like to see a free market environment transform this industry into a competitive, transparent and innovative field that serves the community and economy better.

In too many regions of the world today, monopolies rule healthcare services.  These monopolies often serve themselves more than their communities.  They follow a path and business plan that does not have to be followed.  When there is no pressure to change, little does.  I would like to see more innovation and change in healthcare so it better serves the needs of our communities and our country.  Mobile and M2M technologies and free markets may be able to transform this industry with or without politics.

Kevin Benedict, Independent Mobile Industry Analyst, Consultant and SAP Mentor Volunteer
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