Friday, June 03, 2011

The Importance of Mobile EAM and M2M

Wireless Remote Sensors
In a session I attended on enterprise mobility a few weeks ago the speaker said that he divides mobility into three parts; 1) Extending mobility to internal employees, 2) Extending mobility to external customers, and 3) mobile EAM (enterprise asset management).  What do you think of those categories?

SAP announced their first three mobility applications that will be released in the next 5 weeks and one of them is mobile EAM that integrates with SAP.  They prioritized EAM, and then met with their co-innovation partner Syclo to ensure them that they were making a simple/basic EAM application and not competing in a significant way with the complex, industry specific mobile EAM applications that Syclo has invested in over the past decade.  At the same time Syclo is now embracing SUP as their platform for SAP customers.

In the mobility ecosystem SAP had three early co-innovation partners; RIM, Sybase and Syclo.  One of their co-innovation partners was a specialist in EAM.  Again, SAP prioritized mobile EAM.
Jim Snabe, Co-CEO of SAP mentioned sensors many times in his presentations during SAPPHIRENOW 2011.  Remote and wireless sensors are used primarily to monitor, track and manage enterprise assets.  High value assets of all kinds are now including wireless embedded sensors.  I spoke with the IT team at Whirlpool appliances last year about this subject and they have an entire product line of appliances that are "smart" and communicate with wireless sensors.

The military (download and read this whitepaper) and the healthcare industry are embracing M2M as fast as they can fund and implement it.  What is your organization doing to take advantage of EAM solutions and M2M?

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