Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Webinar: m-Business Trends and the Onslaught of Mobile Devices!

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I am excited to be participating in an upcoming webinar called m-Business Trends and the Onslaught of Mobile Devices.  We talk a lot about enterprise mobility solutions on this blog, but some of the most interesting developments are actually in the B2C (business to consumer) space.  The challenges are that if you are going to play in this space you will need to support all of the major consumer operating system platforms and devices.

I will be opening up the webinar with a discussion on the trends in the mobile B2C space, and then Steve Levy will be joining me from Pyxis Mobile to discuss how enterprises can support the large numbers of mobile devices found in B2C environments.


Webinar Description:

45 - That’s the number of new mobile devices scheduled for release this month, and as they pour onto the market there are two ways they affect the enterprise:

1. Employees are bringing their devices to work, accessing corporate networks, and using them to conduct business – and IT departments are forced to accommodate.

2. Your customers want to interact with you and conduct business with mobile apps. Learn about the latest m-business and mobile app trends.

45 devices. 4 operating systems. 44 different screen sizes. And that’s just in April…

This webinar will explain the major issues that every company faces in tackling the consumerization of the mobile enterprise and the massive proliferation of new device types, hardware and operating systems.

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