Friday, December 17, 2010

What are Your Predictions for Enterprise Mobility in 2011?

I was pondering 2011 predictions for enterprise mobility while on a flight the other day, so was interested this morning to see a great write up on this subject by Ben Lee of Smartsoft Mobile Solutions
  1. 2011 will be the year that the laptop dies.
  2. iPads will trump iPhones in the enterprise.
  3. Business applications reign supreme.
  4. Mobile Middleware will be increasingly flexible for the enterprise.
Ben does a good job backing up his predictions in the article.  Do you agree?  What predictions would you add?  Here are some I would add:
  • SAP's Mobile SDK launch at Sapphire 2011 is a great start.  Systems integrators and IT organizations get very excited about building a massive number of new mobile applications.  The demand for training on the Mobile SDK and SUP overwhelms SAP and creates major headaches for them.
  • SAP's Mobile SDK allows many more systems integrators to enter the mobility market and to compete with established enterprise mobility vendors and SAP's Mobile Business Unit.  This new competition forces established mobility vendors to emphasize the content and business logic that they have developed over many years.
  • SAP's acquisition of Sybase causes unanticipated changes in the enterprise mobility marketplace.  More mobility vendors will choose to use SUP, because it is the entry into the world of SAP, plus it supports all the other major markets and ERPs that mobility vendors must address.  This creates an upsurge in demand for non-SAP support in SUP.  SAP must decide if they should prioritize this interest or focus on SAP specific interests.
I look forward to your thoughts!

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