Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Key Performance Indicators in Mobile Applications

Picture this - a service technician, Frank, opens his mobile application and sees that he is ranked sixth out of 18 service technicians in products and services sold.  He also sees that he is the fastest service technician at completing work on a particular piece of equipment.  Overall he can see that he is ranked number three when all of the figures are added up and weighed.  Now let me ask you, "Is this a good thing?" 

Is it useful to develop KPIs (key performance indicators) and then measure and share them?  Will it motivate positive performance?  One of the key challenges managers have is effectively managing a remote and mobile workforce.  Will KPIs that are measured and shared on mobile devices help?

Mobile devices enable a great deal of accountability to be built into a mobile application.  You can include date and time stamps, GPS locations, measure start and stop times, track locations and routes and sales.  You can provide alerts, notifications and other reminders to follow best practices business processes.

What if you developed compensation plans that would reward profitable behavior as reflected in KPIs?  Would that be valuable and appreciated by your field service teams or viewed as an unwelcome intrusion?

I would love to hear your comments!

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