Tuesday, December 14, 2010

B2M mProdigy and Mobile Application Analytics

mProdigy from B2M
I had an interesting discussion last week with Padraig Regan the CTO of B2M Solutions.  B2M focuses on two key areas:
  1. Mobile Device Management
  2. Mobile Intelligence
The area of particular interest to me was mobile intelligence.  B2M has a solution called mProdigy that can be embedded in mobile applications to report on all device and application related information.  Specifically, it can monitor all activities in the mobile application and business process, so it can be used to analyze mobile device, application processes and human performance.

One simple example is battery life analysis.  You can view when a mobile device is charged and how much it is charged when it is removed from the charger. You can monitor the average battery charge your team starts with each morning and each time a critical battery level occurs?  You can evaluate which devices have the best battery life and which have the worst?  You can see when batteries are bad and which groups are simply not following correct battery charging processes? 

All of this information is very important to an IT manager or a field services manager trying to keep his team working at an optimal rate.  If bad batteries are impacting efficiency, or poor charging practices are delaying work, the manager wants to know so they can correct these issues. 

Padraig showed me some mobile intelligence reports.  It showed that on average a device was removed from a cradle with only 20 percent of the battery charged.  By mid-morning you can see the device has already reached critical.  At that point the ability to complete work in the field was impacted.

B2M is not targeting personal smartphones.  They are providing mobile intelligence to companies that have many hundreds or thousands of workers in the field using mobile handheld computers for mission critical tasks. 

B2M focuses a great deal on monitoring tasks or steps in a workflow.  They can see when an airline ticket is scanned with a mobile device and then compare it to the flight time.  They can monitor the start time on the repair of a piece of equipment and when the repair was completed.  All of these points are very interesting when you add up the work of thousands of workers in the field.

Syclo, a co-innovation partner with SAP, is also partnering with B2M to provide mobile intelligence with their Agentry Platform.  The result of this partnership is called Agentry Analytics.  It is a powerful tool to monitor and record the performance of your mobile workforce.

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