Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mobile Expert Interview Series: Sybase's Sam Lakkundi, Part 3

This is Part 3 of this interview with Sybase's Sam Lakkundi.

Kevin:  How can SAP partners and SAP customers develop mobile solutions today when SAP and Sybase's road map is still a moving target?

Sam:  If I were to look into the crystal ball, what direction would I give?  Use SUP as the target. It is the integration and middleware layer.  Ask yourself, “How do I use and take advantage and add value to what SAP/Sybase are developing?” (See public statements from SAP/Sybase on their mobility road map).

Kevin:  What is going to happen with all the mobile technology that Sybase/iAnywhere acquired over the years?

Sam:  Let’s talk about the more significant ones.  Avantgo will be sunsetted.  It had a purpose for a limited period of time.  Afaria and 365 serve a current and growing market, have a road map and an increasing need.  Extended Systems – the best of this technology will be incorporated into SUP.

Kevin:  What is the most valuable mobility asset that SAP received with the Sybase acquisition?

Sam:  In my personal opinion people have greatly undervalued Afaria and its importance.  SUP is big, but Afaria may be even bigger.  I don’t think SAP recognized the full value of Afaria when they acquired Sybase.  Afaria is becoming more critical every day.  With the numbers of mobile devices and mobile operating systems growing rapidly, the need for Afaria grows.  When Afaria first came out, it was probably before its time.  The need and value was not as great.  However, today it is essential.  When you consider the increasing number of users, mobile devices and types of different devices.  Now we (Sybase) are actually leading sales opportunities with Afaria.

Kevin:  Where do mobile micro-application developers and instant value application developers find value in SUP?

Sam:  Most developers are not SAP experts.  They don’t understand the complexity of SAP.  SUP can expose objects and SAP processes.  The developer can then just focus on the mobile application and the user experience.  They don’t have to worry about the backend infrastructure.  They can focus on the high end features of the mobile application.

Kevin:  Thank you for allowing me the time to interview you!

Sam:  You are welcome!  Thank you for asking these questions.  They are the ones the market needs to know.

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