Tuesday, October 05, 2010

iPhone Owners First in Online Shopping and BlackBerry Owners are Last

In an article I read today on mobile marketing it said, "Consumers who own an Apple iPhone are more likely to shop online from their phones, than those consumers who owned phones based on Google Android or BlackBerry operating systems...BlackBerry is way behind the Android and iPhone."

Why do you think that is?  Do iPhone owners have more money?  People that own smartphones with Android are second, and BlackBerry users dead last.  RIM simply missed the emerging mobile internet movement a few years ago by not considering internet browsing on smartphones to be important.  Wow!  That is not just missing the boat but missing the ship.

Let's look at a few recent reports and projections.  PayPal expects to see approximately $500 million in mobile payments before the end of the year (2010).  That is real money.  According to market researcher ABI Research, there will be 40 times more mobile transactions by 2015.  

In another article I read by Ben Lee of Smartsoft Mobile Solution, he reports, "Mobile Marketing has seen growth of over 600 percent in the past year.  The Kelsey groups forecasts 2000 percent growth by 2013."  I might be slow at times, but I am beginning to sense a significant trend.  Perhaps this mobile internet thing is going to take off.

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