Monday, August 30, 2010

Systems Integrators and SAP Enterprise Mobility

One measure of the level of maturity in a technology market is if a systems integrator can do the work, rather than the original solution developer.  Today, most SAP enterprise mobility vendors are still doing their own work.  Why?  The solutions are new, dynamic, rapidly expanding and ahead of adequate documentation and systems integrator training programs.

It is still rare to see systems integrators using SAP mobility solutions from vendors.  It is still very common to see systems integrators custom building their own mobile applications.  This however, is not in the best interest of SAP customers in the long term.  Out of the box solutions are generally more stable.  They have been tested for longer periods of time and often have more companies using them in production environments.

I was interested to read that ENERGY4U, a German-based consulting and implementation firm was implementing SMART Work Manager from Syclo for use with the SAP® ERP application for RheinEnergie, a German utility. The solution will automate technicians’ daily meter and preventative maintenance work order processes.  ENERGY4U specializes in providing consulting and implementation services related to SAP solutions for utility companies in the deregulated energy market.

The fact that ENERGY4U, a systems integrator, is implementing a mobile solution from a mobility vendor in the SAP ecosystem is a sign of maturity and progress in the industry.

If you are a systems integrator and are implementing a mobile solution from an SAP ecosystem partner please let me know the details!

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