Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I Learned about Mobility at Sapphire, Part 1

It has been about six weeks since Sapphire, and it is about time I consolidate and share my thoughts on what I learned.  I tracked down and interviewed (text interviews | video interviews) just about every management team of every mobile enterprise company that was present at Sapphire - with the notable exception of ClickSoftware, which is an SAP mobility partner and the leading provider of automated workforce management and optimization solutions for every size of service business.  I will catch them next time.

SAP's announced intent to acquire Sybase in the weeks before Sapphire forced all the mobile enterprise application vendors to quickly consider the impact on their strategies, solutions and marketing messages.  There was a bit of "testing the waters" with various marketing messages at Sapphire.  I think most of them were able to come up with an adequate marketing message.  The messages were uniformly, "We understand why SAP did it, and we plan to support the SUP (Sybase Unwired Platform) in the near future.  It will not be a problem for us.  It will give our customers more options and let us continue to focus on the business processes and mobile applications where customers get the most value." 

I think some of the mobile enterprise vendors believed their messages more than others.  I think once Sapphire was over, a number of the companies went back to the whiteboard to really understand their next steps and role in the world.

What I Learned About Mobility at Sapphire, Part 2
Stay tuned for Part 3.

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