Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wirelessly Controlling Equipment with Mobile Software Applications

In a recent article I wrote about mobile software applications that could physically move objects. Here is another example for you to ponder from Telemetrics. This is how they describe themselves, "We deliver cost-effective wireless communication and control solutions for a wide range of distribution automation and power reliability applications." One of their products is called Monitor and Control Reclosures. It uses small monitors with wireless communications equipment to remotely report on equipment status. The most intriguing part though is mentioned below in feature #2, Here is what it does:
  1. Monitor recloser status points, such as a trip and lockout event, and automatically notify dispatch personnel. Notifications are sent upon alarms or events via pager, email or voice and can be sent to multiple individuals.
  2. Assist repair crews with the ability to provide open and close commands by supervisory (wireless) remote control of the recloser.
  3. Offers real time status of all the inputs/outputs of the recloser:- open/close state of recloser contacts- high and low voltage readings (AC powered models)- time of the events- presence of AC voltage (outage monitoring)- recloser malfunction indication- local/remote or hot line tag switch status- total count of recloser operations
Note feature number 2 - it provides the ability to remotely open and close the reclosure (see definition of reclosure). Mobile devices are being used to remotely monitor equipment, physically control and move them, in addition to things like visually watch, locate and track equipment assets.

We live in very interesting times. The challenge this year for mobile technology companies is to start aggregating these various mobile applications and technologies together and marrying them with mobile workflows, business process engines and business analytics.

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Author Kevin Benedict
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