Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hawaii & Mobile Software for PDAs, Smartphones and Handhelds

Greetings Folks,

I am back from a wonderful and relaxing family vacation/holiday on the Island of Maui, Hawaii. I tried to forget about mobile software, PDAs, handhelds and smartphones for a few days, but alas, there are people carrying mobile handheld computers everywhere I go!

Let me give you an update on some of the mobile software solutions my team has been working on over the last few weeks:
  • Paintless Dent Removal - mobile auto/vehicle inspections, services and repair business solutions
  • Bridge inspections
  • Mobile work order management applications for ATM service technicians
  • Electric Utility - mobile inspection & work order applications
  • Building inspection applications for a county government
  • Clinical trials - mobile applications for healthcare service providers
  • Asset management/conditional assessments and preventative work orders
  • Much more...

The key value propositions for many of these solutions are the following:

  1. Accountability of work and workers in the field
  2. Accountability of company assets and inventory in the field
  3. Efficient use and dispatch of field service technicians
  4. Documentation of work completed in the field
  5. Efficient and timely synchronization of field data to the enterprise database
  6. Fast processing and invoicing of work completed
  7. Inspections and documentation of inspections - for just about everything
  8. Faster and better customer service leading to happier customers and greater profits