Friday, December 08, 2006

Smart Phones and Enterprise Database Applications

Nearly everyone in our company has a Smart phone now days. By Smart phone I mean a phone with an operating system like Windows Mobile 5.0 or Windows CE and typically includes a touch screen. These operating systems give you the ability to run powerful database centric applications that can synchronize with your company's business software and enterprise databases. This is important when you consider that 30-40% of the workforce is mobile or works remotely.

For the past 40 years companies have been investing in software for automating their business processes and operations. The problem we have today is that most of these investments have been to improve operations within the 4 walls of the office, warehouse or plant and they do not extend to the millions of mobile or remote workers. Smart phones, however, make it possible to utilize these 40 years of internal IT investments and extend them out to the mobile workforce.

My PSO (professional services organization) spends all their time helping customers extend business software applications out to Smart phones and other handheld devices. We are in effect developing "mobile clients" that integrate and synchronize with whatever business applications they use in the office. The technology we use to extend business software solutions out to the mobile workforce is MobileDataforce's PointSync Mobility Platform.

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