The Future of the Logistics' Last-Mile with Expert Guy Bloch

In this episode, we talk with logistics expert and Bringg CEO, Guy Bloch.  Guy walks us through the pandemic impact on supply chains, retailers and logistics systems.  We learn that during the pandemic supply chains and logistics systems were challenged globally as never before. 

As we all know, during the pandemic large numbers of people were isolated at home and online commerce exploded in popularity as did at-home deliveries of all kinds.  Retailers, restaurants and distributors scrambled to organize more efficient ways to get products delivered. 

Many of the new consumer behaviors that emerged during the pandemic are now becoming permanent, and businesses are rethinking, redesigning and re-prioritizing their logistics to address these changes. Listen in as we review the pandemic impact on logistics, and how these changes and emerging technologies like self-driving vehicles, robots and drones will likely shape the future of logistics' ecosystems.

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