Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Fixing the World and the World's Oceans with Data

My guest today is Steve Adler, CEO, and Founder of Ocean Data Alliance. Steve has served in many leadership roles over his career including being IBM's Chief Data Scientist. Today, he is focused on using his expertise, his connections, and data to make the world and the world's oceans cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable through the capture, collection, and analysis of data.  This is not easy.  You have audiences that don't believe in science. You have politicians that don't believe in open data or appreciate facts. You have humans that are notoriously bad at understanding risk, especially future risk. You have countries without the leadership or infrastructure to effectively capture and use data. 

Even with all of these challenges, Steve Adler is championing global efforts to better understand our world and our world's ocean environments for the purpose of improving our future and that of our children's.

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