Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Future of Work with Expert Dr. Paul J. Bailo

In this episode, we speak with Professor Paul J. Bailo, about the future of work.  Dr. Bailo teaches executives and students in many highly respected universities, and shares what he is hearing and learning as he moves back and forth between teaching, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Q1: Talk to us about some of your first jobs... A1: 1:32 Q2: Are people going back to work? Do you think there will be more long-term hybrid modes? A2: 9:47 Q3: In this new world you’re envisioning, should that impact the way we educate our kids? A3: 11:18 Q4: What is your take on the Digital Assistant? A4: 16:07 Q5: What is your take on automation creating unemployment? A4: 21:20 Q6: How do you see the interest in relocalizing work affecting the jobs of the future? A6: 27:03 Q7: What advice do you give your students about what they should do to prepare for a career? A7: 30:42

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