Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Mobile Enterprise Management Platform

Is another mobile acronym on your Christmas list?  Great!  I have one for you, MEMP (mobile enterprise management platform).  A MEMP is designed to help you keep mobile systems, mobile networks, mobile devices and your mobile workforce working and productive.  This is not easy if you have several thousand mobile devices being used in mission critical roles across a wide geographic area.

When my family and I are traveling on trains in Europe, all of the rail staff that check your tickets and sell you snacks are carrying mobile devices.  Airports and airport gates are increasingly being operated by people with mobile devices.  Public safety and emergency responders are nearly all carrying mobile devices today.

If you have the good fortune of being the person responsible for keeping mission critical mobile applications and mobile devices operating, then you would appreciate the value of a MEMP.

B2M Solutions has been in the MEMP business since 2002.  Their MEMP is mProdigy.  Here is how they describe it, "mprodigy Professional has, at its core, an analytics framework which gives real insight into the workings of your mobile enterprise. This is made possible by the way mprodigy is architected.  It efficiently collects as much data as possible from the mobile enterprise with the minimum of traffic overhead. The data is presented by mprodigy in easy to use dashboards and can even be blended with mobile application events to provide a view of mobility which can be truly transformational."

Imagine you have 3,486 mobile devices that you manage.  The mobile devices are from four different manufacturers, support 11 different mobile applications, use mobile data plans from five different MNOs (mobile network operators), in five different countries.  This is the very definition of complexity.  The IT managers and help desk must have tools (i.e. MEMP) to support this kind of complexity.

A MEMP, as defined by B2M Solutions, is not just a mobile device management system.  It is designed to enable you to monitor and analyze data connections, network speeds, battery life, mobile device performance, synchronization speeds, mobile application performances, help desk issues and mobile device downtime.  All of the many details you would need to know and understand in order to effectively support a large mission critical mobile environment.

When it comes to selecting the right mobile device, or analyzing the performance of the mobile devices you already have, a MEMP can provide you with objective numbers.  Are you having memory leaks in one of your mobile applications, then analyze the data to determine which one?  Which mobile device battery lasts longer?  What mobile devices have the best and worst support history?  All of these questions can be answered by a MEMP.

A MEMP client can also be embedded in a mobile application.  The purpose would be to help you closely monitor workforce productivity.  Aviation customers can monitor the length of time between when a ticket is scanned and when the aircraft doors are closed.  Any mobile business process task can be configured, timed and analyzed.  The results can help mobile workforces become more efficient and productive.

Enterprise mobility is like the proverbial onion skin.  The more layers you peel the more you find.  MEMPs are one of those important skins of enterprise mobility that you may not have recognized when you started down the mobility path, but one you will certainly appreciate when your name is on the organizational chart as responsible for supporting mission critical mobile solutions.


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