Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Building Inspection Solutions on Handheld PDAs

It is the season for Building Inspection solutions here at MobileDataforce. We are currently involved in 5 different Building Inspection projects. We are working with county governments, private building inspection companies, mold inspection companies, water conservation organizations, and a housing authority in Europe.

There are a lot of similarities:
  • Identify the building and building owner
  • Identify the physical location
  • Identify the inspector
  • Identify the date and time of the inspection
  • Inspect the premise
  • Identify and document the areas that were examined - building, floor, room, wall
  • Recommended action steps
  • Inspection Report
  • Mobile Invoice

Sometimes there are work orders or preventative maintenance work orders that get activated based upon an inspection. For example - NE corner of the roof is damaged, schedule repair. Other times work and cost estimates are associated with the inspections. For example - NE corner of the roof is damaged - estimated repair time 16 hours - materials costs $345.

We often support the mobile component of existing database applications for Building or Property management, but other times we develop both the mobile component and the enterprise building management application.